If you have a computer, you probably have a printer. The range of quality of output is enormous. Most ink-jet printers are suitable for simple, type-only, or type and line graphic originals.

You can supply most artwork from a 600 dpi laser printer. This will produce acceptable results for most standard artwork, ie. letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Use laser-quality paper if possible, it will give you better toner adhesion and cleaner edges to your artwork. However, 600 dpi laser is NOT acceptable for such items as very thin script fonts, font sizes of smaller than 8-point, or detailed artwork that is to be reproduced in small scale.

If you look at your laser output and are not happy with the quality, you will probably wish to supply your artwork on disk and request high-end output (direct to plate or film). ALWAYS supply a printout of your artwork along with your disk so we know what it is supposed to look like, particularly if it is to be colour separated. Call us first if you plan to supply artwork on disk, to make sure it will be compatible. There will be instructions on how to save the job files that will be critical.

Position and copy should be correct on your printout. Proof your work several times before you bring it in. You do not want to find out after your plate or film has been produced that you forgot something vital. (like your phone number––don’t laugh, it happens!)
Things like folds and perforations should be experimented with and correctly aligned with the copy before coming to us. Trim out and fold a sample to be absolutely sure. Don’t assume your program automatically does it correctly. You’d be surprised how many brochures we receive where the fold runs right through the edge of the type.

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